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The Support the Girl Campaign (SGCC) is a special and unique initiative targeting to improve the lives of disadvantaged female students at the University of Limpopo and nearby South African communities respectively. Furthermore, the Support the Girl Child Campaign aims at restoring the dignity of the girl child whose hope lost track because of living in dire poverty circumstances.

Try Africa functionaries made a sad and bizarre observation, that there are female students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to the extent that they do not afford to buy their sanitary towels and female toiletry for a happy and hygienic day and night.

From a case study conducted at the University of Limpopo Turfloop Campus, many female youths are living in dire poverty circumstances to the extent that they do not afford to buy sanitary towels and female toiletry. It's a difficult situation which leaves the poor girl child in a ludicrous desperation and with no option except using newspapers, tissue papers and pieces of cloth for such purposes.

This is not hygienic and destroys self-confidence, dignity and the pride of being a woman. Furthermore, these frantic situations trigger malevolent thoughts to the poor girl child to sell their bodies tantalising vulnerability to the vultures of Turfloop, the so called "The Blessers". These actions will end up affecting the student's academic performance and further results in school drop outs, health hazards and unwanted pregnancy.

Hence, this wistful discovery inspired Try Africa to vehicle the on-going Support the Girl Child Campaigns as a mechanism to raise tonnes of sanitary towels and female toiletry to support female students living in disadvantaged backgrounds. Compressing it all, the main aim of the Support the Girl Child Campaigns is to gather as many sanitary towels and female toiletry as possible with a robust objective to try and improve the life of the disadvantaged girl child at the University of Limpopo and nearby South African communities.

Since the establishment of the Campaigns in 2015, the Try Africa Support the Child Campaigns have received much support from the University of Limpopo community, students, lecturers and companies notably MTN Bendor through donating sanitary pads and other items which include food parcels and clothing.

The initiative has transformed many communities and has touched the lives of many disadvantaged girls at the University of Limpopo and from a number of High Schools in Mankweng Community and these schools includes Hwiti High School in Unit C, Makgongwana High School in Ga-Makanye and the Women Society in Mamatsha Community in Ga-Molepo. During distributions of sanitary pads, the Try Africa task team also use such platforms to discuss about other humanitarian issues such child networking, unwanted pregnancy and career guidance.

In a concerted effort to support the girl child Try Africa will continue to invite well-wishers who wish to assist in any way to come to the fore. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

"They that sow in tears, shall reap in joy". - PSALMS 126 V 5

By: Edmore Zhakata

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