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The Gentlemen Forum is a group of all Try Africa male members, established in February 2018 under the portfolio of the Executive Director in accordance with the dictate of section 16.4 (k) of the Constitution of Try Africa. This group is also known as the 'Men of Purpose' and their main purpose is to promote youth empowerment specifically focusing on young men by conducting Career Guidance and Motivational Speaker Sessions which focus on behavioural change, cultivating the seed of hard work, responsibility and participation in community development.

To attain such an objective, the Gentlemen Forum visit different High Schools and Secondary Schools and talk to all male learners and discuss different aspects of life which include, importance of education, leadership development, sexual reproductive health (SRH), children's rights and responsibilities among others. These help us to create a holistic individual who is informed to balance school work and extra-curricular activities. It enables these young people to be exemplary and contribute positively in their respective communities.

To cover more ground towards achieving their goals, the Gentlemen Forum needs a strong finance muscle. Currently, they depend on the Executive Director's office funding and from their fundraising initiatives such as the 'Movie Nights and Game Nights' which target the University of Limpopo student populace. However, this is not enough to sustain their projects which require more. Therefore, any contributions from external partners willing to help is welcome for them to fulfil their mandate of creating a holistic individual and a better community for youths in South Africa and beyond.

The Try Africa Gentlemen Forum can be reached on the following contacts:

Email: gentlemen.forum@tryafrica.org

Tel: +27 15 268 3953

Office Cell: +27 81 490 0679

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