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Try Africa team and Lefakgomo Secondary School students sharing a picture moment

A few positive words spoken appropriately and rightly can transform someone's life for the better. As such, Try Africa is an organisation that believes in human development by changing thinking patterns from negativity to a constructive way of thinking.

In August 2017, the University of Limpopo marketing department invited Try Africa to take part in the Career Expo that happened at ATOK, a village some few kilometres away from Polokwane. This is an area with young people who aspire to be change agents in their respective communities but lack in resources to fulfil such dreams.

Most matriculants the Try Africa volunteers spoke to did not have the knowledge on how to apply for enrolment at university while some were not even sure of the careers they would want to pursue and the right degree to pursue as well. Therefore, after sanitary wear and school stationary distribution to students present from several schools, the Try Africa team conducted a motivational speaker session with the students and career guidance mini seminar. Questions from the students were responded to with appropriate answers and at the end of the sessions most students if not all were well informed of the procedures to take when applying for a degree.


Try Africa Task Team

It came to the team's attention that the learners in that area still need more assistance in terms of career choices, available funding and how to apply to various institutions of higher learning. The learners there, have great ambitions of becoming better individuals that could build a better South Africa, however they seem to be discouraged and lack motivation by the ill-circumstances in their surroundings.

By Humphrey Chiranda

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