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A non-profit organization, Try Africa has gone international with the aim of assisting in developing African communities and underprivileged learners/ students at schools and universities. The organization visited Zimbabwe for the first time in its history to accomplish the following activities:

Chemhondoro High School

Try Africa visited a friend, who is part of the beneficiaries of the organization at Chemhondoro high school in Murewa. The learner is doing his A level and Try Africa donated to him school stationery as well as school bags.

Chipinda Secondary School

The head master orientated us through the school first and thereafter the Try Africa director and former learner of the school gave a motivation talk and indicated that all the class prefects will be donated with new school uniform. However, school stationery was distributed to the learners as well as the sanitary towels to the girls.

Chipinda Primary School

Motivational talk by the director of the organization to the school children and handed over the gifts (stationery).

Harare 'A Level' Beneficiary

Try Africa donated a gas stove and charging lamp to one of the beneficiaries who is now in his A level for a conducive environment to study.

Boy Empowerment Campaign (BEC)

Try Africa Identified a young boy who lives and work on the streets in Zimbabwe. Through its BEC program is willing to follow all the procedures through the help of Social Workers who are part of the organisation to provide shelter and basic needs for this child and send him to school as well. Therefore, partners and well wishers willing to extend their hand to make this project successful are welcome to help.

By: Ms Nthabiseng Letseku

Secretary General

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